Refs with Rigatoni

Refs with Rigatoni

4 Episodes

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Refs with Rigatoni
  • Refs with Rigatoni: Episode 1

    Our crew talks about how they became referees and broke into the industry. Shawn talks about becoming “Mr X”, Josh talks about interviewing on a Black Diamond Wrestling YouTube show, George talks about his introduction to pro wrestling.

  • Refs with Rigatoni: Episode 2

    George talks with us about his experience refereeing for bad promotions, discussing working the cameras and making the decision to go home on bad matches, Sean Patrick’s experiences in the ring as a wrestler and Josh’s one in ring wrestling match with Bulk Nasty.

  • Refs with Rigatoni: Episode 3

    George talks about his one match in wrestling as a bunk house brawl, love for Chikara, athletic commission problems, door matches, George shows his scars, favorite venues to work, favorite promotions, Olde Wrestling, Horrorslam, Ryse Wrestling, UXWA, AIW, Pro Wrestling Conquest, was Brandon K alw...

  • Refs with Rigatoni: Episode 4

    George Ross, Shawn Patrick and Josh Sheilds wrap their chat with the Jock Samson match that caused a car accident, referee’s discretion, wrestling psychology, ref bumps, Iran manning shows, early Brandon K stories, and advice for new referees.