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Duke and Doe’s Hardcore Memories

Bonus: The Bachelor Party and Stripper Music

4m 55s

Up Next in Season 1

  • Bonus: Meeting PCO

  • Episode 7: Fan Interactions

    Doe and Duke are talking about the fans of ECW and the interactions with the wrestlers including one fan getting choke slammed by 911, Sabu taking on a fan in Japan, Doe’s mark moment with Sabu, the internet audience for ECW on Usenet and Cyberslam, no one cared about kids, getting Japanese tape...

  • Episode 8: Tag Teams Part 1

    Doe and Duke are talking the tag teams of ECW, but get into the Joey Styles commentary style, retiring to the Appalachian Mountains, making a living while wrestling, how much New Jack and Sandman could wrestle, The Gangstas, Public Enemy, Eliminators and Pitbulls. The evolution of New Jack, and G...