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Duke and Doe’s Hardcore Memories

Episode 7: Fan Interactions


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 8: Tag Teams Part 1

    Doe and Duke are talking the tag teams of ECW, but get into the Joey Styles commentary style, retiring to the Appalachian Mountains, making a living while wrestling, how much New Jack and Sandman could wrestle, The Gangstas, Public Enemy, Eliminators and Pitbulls. The evolution of New Jack, and G...

  • Episode 9: Extreme at the Denny's

    Shirley Doe and Duke Davis return from the holidays to talk about how they first became friends during an uncomfortable meeting among wrestling talent, wanting to be part of the circus, Jumbo Tsuruta learning wrestling at an insane pace, Doe’s dream of working for FMW (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrest...