Vicious Outcast Wrestling

Vicious Outcast Wrestling

3 Seasons

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Vicious Outcast Wrestling
  • VOW September Sin

    Episode 1

    September 6, 2014 - Connellsville, PA

    Fred Flash vs. J-Ru
    Derek Direction vs. Superbeast
    Matthew Justice vs. Remy LaVey
    VOW Tag Team Championship: Andrew Palace & Facade vs. Generation Dead (E-Veil & Gory)
    VOW Anarchy Championship: Matt Tremont vs. Patrick Hayes
    VOW Hypersonic Championship: Cas...

  • VOW Two-Year Anniversary

    Episode 2

    December 5, 2014 - Connellsville, PA

    Chance Prophet vs. Matthew Justice
    Cassidy Stone, J-Ru & Tanner Reynolds vs. The Outcasts (Chris LeRusso & Kris Stark)
    VOW Vixens Championship: Madisynn vs. Samantha Starr
    VOW Tag Team Championship: The Congregation (E-Veil & Gory) vs. Flexxx Palace (Andrew P...

  • VOW August Annihilation

    Episode 3

    August 2, 2014 - Connellsville, PA

    Alex Daniels vs. Joshua Singh
    Dylan Bostic vs. Oz Tyler
    Derek Direction vs. Steven Strick
    VOW Anarchy Championship: Facade & Kris Stark vs. Matt Tremont & Patrick Hayes
    Chris LeRusso vs. JT Dunn
    VOW Vixens Championship: Mandy Leon vs. Ray Lyn vs. Samantha Star...

  • VOW The Natural Cup

    Episode 4

    Fred Flash vs. J-Ru vs. Kris Stark
    Natural Cup Tournament First Round: Cassidy Stone vs. Facade
    Natural Cup Tournament First Round: Ryan Reign vs. Shane Strickland
    VOW Vixens Championship: Madisynn vs. Marti Belle Natural Cup Tournament First Round: Chris LeRusso vs. Patrick Hayes
    Natural Cup Tou...