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Duke and Doe’s Hardcore Memories

Episode 3: Raven Part 1


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 4: Raven Part 2

    Shirley Doe and Duke Davis continue their Raven discussion starting with his introduction to ECW, the Tommy Dreamer feud, summer camps, we learn about their high school and summer camp years of our hosts, the babyface journey of Tommy Dreamer, the factions that helped Raven, his exit for WCW, bei...

  • Episode 5: The Sandman Part 1

    Duke and Doe talk about the feeling when things are working in the wrestling ring, like at the Ryse Wrestling show in August, Sandman was just in town, a run in with Gillberg, working a show with Sandman, comparing the entrance music to Michael Meyers in Halloween, Sid Vicious in ECW, Steven Seag...

  • Episode 6: The Sandman Part 2

    Duke and Doe talk about Shirley Doe’s persona versus real life, that similar introduction to The Sandman in Monaca, PA, the perils of hardcore wrestling, relationships, Raven is new mom, Sandman taking super cans in Japan, selling jeans in Japan, Sandman is your dunk uncle, drinking with him, wo...