Waffles with Women (Wrestlers)

Waffles with Women (Wrestlers)

They may go head-to-head at times in the ring, but these wrestlers get real as they sit down over some waffles and talk about a host of topics relating to their experiences.

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Waffles with Women (Wrestlers)
  • Waffles with Women Episode 1

    Jinx, Katie Arquette and Honeybadger gather over Waffles to talk about breakfast foods, waffle edicate, early wrestling memories, favorite matches and more in Episode 1 of this new series!

  • Waffles with Women Episode 2

    Jinx, Katie Arquette and HoneyBadger talk about their favorite matches they’ve been in and learning from different competitors lie Tessa Blanchard, Lufist and Zoey Skye, how to get the fans’ attention, working in front of 12 people, and food ASMR.

  • Waffles with Women Episode 3

    We talk about Tinder, favorite animals, dream match, working with different styles and challenging yourself, and more!